Barkit design can help your organisation with graphic design solutions

If your business has more work than your headcount can cover
When you can’t expand your permanent staff, but need a regular graphic design resource, contact us.

When projects are not getting done 
If you have important projects that just can’t get done because your regular urgent jobs keep taking priority, get Barkit Design to help.

When design and deadlines are important 
Brand integrity, quality design and speed of action all affect the performance of your organisation and shareholder equity, and we will ensure we deliver to your needs and expectations.

When your design spend is valued
You have an allocated design budget, need great value for money, and know what that looks like.

For locum work
If your designer is on leave and you need to maintain the quality and output of work, but your existing team is already stretched, we’ll be able to help out.

Whether it’s new design projects, recurring ones, design inspiration, or meeting a staff shortage due to sickness, maternity leave, or for any other reason, we can help by providing effective and reliable solutions.

Barkit Design is your own external ‘in-house graphic designer’
(without providing extra desk space).
Before adding personnel, talk to us about using Barkit Design.

What you want, when you want it

We focus on providing a full design service to a select, niche group of clients.
We understand your brand and business needs and are ready to respond appropriately and consistently. By focusing on a small number of valuable clients, we can ensure we deliver the desired results on every job. 


Less Stress
Complete your projects on time and on budget by getting the graphic design resource you need to make it happen, and at a set cost.


Less Hassle
Know you’ll have the same external designer consistently working on your projects, ensuring your brand’s integrity. Less hassle overall.


More Skill
Add an experienced and highly skilled design resource for your projects. No competency or skill gap.


DTP training

Some projects really don’t need a graphic designer, but rather, someone competent in graphic design software / desktop publishing (DTP). We can train members of your team so they can edit basic indesign templates. These may include business cards, sales proposals, reports, presentations or other business or marketing collateral for print or online use. Conducting the DTP training using a current project can get work done and upskill your team members at the same time.

Step 1 - identify

Review of your existing branded material to identify those items that need regular updating including those that either must or should meet brand guidelines.

Step 2 - Prepare

Barkit Design prepares the branded material as indesign templates that can then be easily altered by your own team.

Step 3 - Train

Training your staff on how to use Indesign software, working on the templates they will use. Training continues until they are competent.

Step 4 - USE

Your staff use the templates creating jobs in-house, saving you money and time. Files are ready to go to print, or for electronic use.

Not needing to repeatedly engage external design or advertising agencies for those projects will save you money and time when minor, ongoing changes are required. We can produce either mac or pc files suitable to send to print, or ready for electronic use.



We charge a flat rate of $395 AUD per day* whether it be graphic design, desktop publishing, photoshopping, illustration, or training your staff to use and edit basic indesign templates.

We create at our office and train at yours.

*If additional out-of-pocket costs apply, we ask you to meet those costs.


Our main graphic designer and trainer has worked in, or contracted for, major design, advertising and corporate offices and has over 20 years’ experience across most industries, products types, mediums and platforms (and loves dogs).


We can guarantee 15 days a month maximum, though there may be capacity for more if the need arises and availability allows. Our aim is to support regular year round clients as well as meet their seasonal peak demands.

get Started

Producing great work for you is better than anything we can say, write or show. Let’s meet to find an initial project so we can demonstrate first hand what Barkit Design can do for you and your team.


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