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As a quick summary, we provide businesses with skilled, experienced, graphic design resources out of house, and your staff with indesign template training.


  • great design

  • affordability

  • skill, experience, flexibility and reliability

  • to the person you meet being the person that does the work

  • skilling your staff to save you money


  • extra head count

  • hiring or firing

  • extra desk space needed in your office

  • running out of resources to complete key projects, or for tackling new tasks

NO means NO and YES means YES.

Satisfaction guarantee

We have great confidence in our design, desktop publishing (DTP) and DTP training ability, so we guarantee it. If after the first 1/2 day of work you are certain we are not meeting your expectations, outline to us clearly your concerns, and if we cannot overcome them, we will stop working and not charge you anything.

We want you to be happy. We also want us to be happy, so if we do not believe we can work for you and produce the results you seek, we will cease work and not charge you.